Function to test Nornir operation and produce valid results without the need to interact with devices directly.

nr_test sample usage

Code to invoke nr_test task:

from nornir_salt.plugins.tasks import nr_test

output =, abc=123)

nr_test returns

Returns Nornir results object with task results populated in accordance with arguments supplied to task call.

nr_test reference

nornir_salt.plugins.tasks.nr_test.nr_test(task, ret_data_per_host=None, ret_data='__undefined_value__', excpt=None, excpt_msg='', **kwargs)

Dummy task that echoes data passed to it. Useful to debug and verification of Nornir object operation.

  • ret_data_per_host – (dict) Dictionary keyed by host name with values to include in results

  • ret_data – Any data to include in results, same for each host

  • kwargs – Any key-value pair to include in results, same for each host

  • excpt – (obj or True) exception object to raise; if True, raises RuntimeError

  • excpt_msg – (str) message to use with exception

Return result

ret_data or **kwargs passed to the task

Order of preference of return data:

  1. If ret_data_per_host present, it is used to form results

  2. If excpt object supplied, it is raised

  3. If ret_data present, it is included in results

  4. If **kwargs supplied, they are included in results